Nancy Pelosi Plans To Triple The Seniors’ Tax Rate

Democrats have always had it in for the senior citizens of this country. They want to take away their Social Security, they want their Medicare to disappear, it’s been said that they even want to have them euthanized.

The latest proposal does not go to the extremes of that last example but it is drastic and evil nonetheless. It involves taxation of anybody over the age of 60….they want more.

Nancy Pelosi intends to table a bill in this new year that would see the tax rate of all seniors more than tripled. This would apply not just to those with healthy retirement incomes but those on fixed Social Security incomes as well.

Pelosi explained her motivation:

“Senior citizens are the biggest burden to our national bottom line. Social security kills our budget. But we maintain it because, if we didn’t , they would whine and whine. We would never hear the end of it. I can hear them already – ‘Oh! We won’t be able to feed ourselves!’ ‘Oh! You’ll drive us into the street! We’ll be homeless!’ Whiny losers, the lot of them.

So we keep it in place. But they cost us. They’re old. They go to the hospital all the time, they need all these medications, they have all the old people needs. And those needs are expensive. How long do we let them burden our system with their ridiculous needs that they feel they’re entitled to have us pay for? Not much longer, I say.

They will be taxed at least at triple the rate they have been to make up for all the years that we have let them get away with murder as far as taxation goes. This is just.

And this I decree. Thanks Gavin.”

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are pure evil. They prove this time and time again. This year we must make sure we vote them out.

Nancy Pelosi Escorted Out of White House After Showing Up ‘Too Drunk to Speak’

Sources inside the White House in a position to neither confirm nor deny most reports have confirmed the latest about Nancy Pelosi’s drunken excursion just minutes ago. Lawrence Darrel and his brother, Darryl, both senior aides to Lead Speech Writer Sandy Batt, say they saw Pelosi escorted out by Secret Service after showing up “so drunk she could hardly speak.” Darryl told our reporter in the field:

“Nancy came in and tried to say some things but just kept making that face. And there was like…this clicking noise. Then she fell down and it looked like maybe she peed a little.

Secret security was all over her right quick and them guys tossed her like a bad habit.”

Pelosi was left standing on the South Lawn, where she thought approaching Marine One would be a good idea. The chopper’s pilot had to stop her with physical restraints — a zip tie — and escort her past the property line. The White House has revoked her credentials and asked her office to please make an appointment in the future.

Pelosi has a long history of drunken excursions covered up by the liberal press, who like to send their “fact-checkers” to see if a story is true.

They call her office, her office denies everything and the next thing you know, some poor shlep on Facebook selling garbage to potatoes can’t reach his audience.

OPINION : ‘Let’s Open Our Borders.’ – By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

(Contributor Fallis Gunnington has ceded this column to guest contributor Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

When my parents first came to this country, they did it the hard way – covered by false-topped crates in the back of a pickle truck delivering wedges and slices of the beloved vegetable to millions of hearty consumers across the United States.  Once here, they learned English from television and “Flash” comic books in order to assimilate, quickly finding work together in a turpentine factory in Yonkers, New York.  Set aside for the fact that my father consistently told friends that he was : “The Fastest Man Alive,” it was the American Dream writ large.

Now we have a nightmare trying to import itself over that dream.  And it’s name is Donald Trump.  He treats anyone whose skin is darker than a cotton ball as if they were an inhuman monster, seeking to pillage our country’s riches.  In truth it is the so-called “illegal” worker holding together our economy while living in a police-state of constant fear and loathing.  No person is “illegal.”  It is illegal to bribe a Ukranian official to make up dirt on a political opponent.  That’s illegal.  Trump feeds into the unsubstantiated claim that no one else but he and his semi-demented followers believe, that migrant workers and refugees are harmful to America’s culture.  This is a blatant lie.  American “culture” is a mishmash of fat-assed Kardashians, fat-filled fast food, and fat white men on Fox News trying to date-rape the staff in the coffee room.  You can have that culture.  It can only benefit from a festive Quincinera with music by Mana.

Many more of the President’s Fan Club of the Simple are swayed by the pressing fear of the drug trade, with descriptions of heartless cartels making their way across the border disguised as Mariachi bands or hiding cocaine in innocent-looking baby carraiges.  Here’s an idea : Maybe hire border agents that are eagle-eyed enough to recognize a toddler with a full beard cleaning his nails with a switchblade.  How about helping Mexico out with some aid in combatting these cartels before they can even make it here.  Maybe we should be nice to the country that we import huge amounts of oil from.  Or maybe, just maybe, we should, as a country, grow some brains, buy Prius’s, and stick with regular old weed.  Anyone can grow weed.  My friend Randall has a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx with a whole hydroponic operation in a hall closet.  And he’s not exactly Albert Einstein.  The guy doesn’t drink coffee because he says beans are alive and grinding them up is genocide.

So I say, lets open the border and let our friends pass back and forth as they please.  Plus, bonus, it’ll make it easier for our own citizens to get medical care they can afford since Trump seems to have destroyed the plan we had that was beginning to work, and hasn’t replaced it with anything since.  Lets be the country that opens it’s arms wide for our brethren, and not the country blindly crawling behind a leader that opens his checkbook for porn stars.

Fact-Check: Can Trump File An ‘Article 2 Motion To Impeach Nancy Pelosi?’

An op-ed being circulated in conservative groups is claiming that President Trump can file a motion under Article 2, Section 12, Subsection 3 of the US Constitution that would begin impeachment hearings against Nancy Pelosi. According to the article, Pelosi is bound by the constitution to ho0ld fair and honest hearings or face impeachment herself.

The article contends that the President has the power to appeal to the Supreme Court, thereby bypassing Congress, due to a Nixon-era law aimed to protect Tricky Dick while the Republican Congress still trusted him. Obviously, that didn’t work out, but the law is on the books just the same.

So the question is, can the President ask to have Pelosi removed? Assuming that the law is worded properly and that Article 2 Section 14 has been satisfied, the answer is yes. Under those conditions, Pelosi could be removed by the Supreme Court.

The beauty of the law, according to longtime Trump friend Alan Dershowitz, is that the Supreme Court could rule on its own, eliminating any future appeals, as that precedent would be self-binding.

On top of that, President Trump could invoke another statute at that time that would extend his term by the three years he’s lost, making him eligible to run in 2023 for what would then be his second term.

All of this is written as plain as the day is long, right there in the United States Constitution. The liberals denying these simple truths need to go back to their grade-school civics classes.

Ocasio-Cortez On the Budget : ‘We Pay Soldiers Too Much’

The Cucaracha of Congress, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is fairly well-known for spouting out little “ideas” that most people would figure out were, well, dumb.  This time, it seems the Baby Boss has been perusing the proposed budget sheet for the upcoming months, and had her little mind blown by what she saw, leading her to proclaim in an open session of Congress that : “Wow!  We pay soldiers WAY too much!”

The average pray for an American soldier today works out to about $23.50 per hour. Just to compare, Colin Kaepernick makes millions a year to kneel for the anthem that they fight for and yap about sneakers. Who’s making too much money, half-pint?

“In one year, I make more money than you will see In your life to scare old people. My soul is basically a blackened rabbit turd.”

Let’s not mention that the Pampered Pixie herself makes more than that just dancing on the walls in Congress and giving little speeches about how offended she was by the President tweeting.  All he said was if you don’t like the country, leave.  Totally not racist.  There are black countries and Latino countries, you know. You can go back to them.  Use your crybaby money to get an aisle seat.


Luckily, Derpette Smurfette hasn’t actually made any moves to affect military pay rates, nor has she mentioned that she plans to.  That’s good.  Because sweetheart, trust me : you don’t want a couple dozen angry jarheads to show up at your bar on the next karaoke Friday.

Opinion: Trump Should File an Article 2 Motion To Impeach Nancy Pelosi

President Trump is a master of playing the game politicians have been failing at for decades. There’s this little thing in our country called the “Constitution.” Unfortunately, most people are pretty unaware of what it says, and that includes our elected officials.

A great example is the current impeachment coup. Some folks are stuck on the belief that impeachment is fair and legal just because it’s listed as a duty of the House of Representatives. That’s not true at all. The process, as laid out in Article 2, says that the Speaker of the House must commit to a fair and legal inquiry otherwise she is in contempt of Congress and subject to impeachment herself.

It’s right there, plain as day, in Section 12, Subsection 3 under rules of impeachment. Yet nobody is talking about it.

The White House hasn’t mentioned it, but those working closely with the impeachment process say that the President is aware and considering that as an option. The problem is, with the partisan hacks on the left, there’s the possibility that they’d use such an extreme measure and draft yet another bogus impeachment article.

But a solution is available.

In 1973, Congress passed an emergency bill with the impending impeachment of Richard Nixon that would allow the President to appeal directly to the Supreme Court with a motion to invoke an Article 2 impeachment of the Speaker should things get truly out of control.

Nixon never exercised that option, because Nixon was actually guilty of crimes and the Supreme Court would have surely denied the claim, making him look desperate. But…is that how Trump would look? Let’s not forget that this man remains completely composed and hasn’t been rattled in the least by all of this nonsense, because he knows he can’t be convicted.

That means that he has every right to file a motion to remove Pelosi. Whether or not it works would be up to the Court to decide, not a bunch of liberals in California and New York. And while Mitch McConnell thinks it’s a bad idea because it sets a precedent for future Democrats to abuse, those of us who support Trump know that’s never going to happen again.

The Democrat party is on the verge of being pronounced dead. This would be the final nail in the coffin, and with the conservative majority on the court, it should pass without a problem.

It’s time for us all to write our Senators and Congressmen and tell them to urge President Trump to request an Article 2 Impeachment Inquiry as soon as possible.

The future of our country depends on it.

Teary-Eyed Hillary Clinton Offically Retires From Public Life After Blaming Trump For Her Failures

Hillary Clinton has revealed to Democrat Party insiders that she’s leaving public life for good. At a fundraiser full of wealthy donors, Clinton broke down in tears as she informed the crowd that she wouldn’t be making any more appearances.

According to her official website, Clinton isn’t just leaving the campaign trail, she’s leaving the public eye completely:

“I’m sorry to say that I won’t be doing any more speaking engagements, book tours, or campaign stops for friends and colleagues. The era of Donald Trump is upon us, and I see no path to victory. He will continue to lie, cheat, and steal way into the hearts of his deplorable supporters, and they will continue to love him for it.

“I fear we are on the precipice, much like Germany in 1935. I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of it any more. My husband and I will continue to work behind the sceneson our Foundation as we avoid cameras and interviews of any kind.

“God bless America. Hopefully he comes and saves us all from the Anti-Christ we know as Donald Trump.


Her little signoff is just like a snowflake liberal. She blames her failures on Trump because he outsmarted her at every turn.

Good riddance. We contacted the Justice Department and were told in no uncertain terms that the investigations into her corruption and emails will continue until they’re satisfied that they have enough evidence to charge her with treason.

President Trump hasn’t mentioned her retirement at all, because he’s far too classy for such petty endeavors.

America can sleep a little easier tonight. Maybe now the “suicides” will stop.