Nunes Unloads $435M Impeachment Lawsuit – Burns Washington Media Swamp Down

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evin Nunes just went to the source – they didn’t think he would dare!

Democrats have been pushing impeachment for one simple reason: the media lets them.

In fact, the mainstream media is so biased against Trump, they spin every story to hurt him as much as possible.

It’s not a big surprise that major outlets are backing Democrats in this impeachment scheme.

The media thinks it can get away with spinning every story to damage the president.

Woah. Devin Nunes is suing CNN for $435 million over what he calls a false hit piece.

The news network published a piece claiming Nunes met with a Ukrainian prosecutor in 2018 to get dirt on Joe Biden.

The problem? Nunes asserts it never happened. He didn’t go anywhere near where CNN claimed he went. He also says he never met the prosecutor they named.

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his isn’t the first time a liberal media outlet published blatantly false stories. In the past, they’ve been forced to issue corrections, hoping nobody would notice.

But Nunes is done with the constant attacks on conservatives by the media.

His lawsuit will send a powerful message to CNN—and every other outlet—that they can’t just broadcast unfactual stuff, just because they want to.

The media has for a long time pushed stories that end up being fake news. They’ve hidden behind the First Amendment as if that could protect them from their bogus lies.

As a result, few Americans even respect most news outlets, especially mainstream ones.

Nunes is showing them that there are consequences to their actions. And that it’s high time they paid for what they’ve done.

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